Pilot doing paperwork during near midflight.”

“The aircraft is on full display and can be inspected.”

“The aircraft is being handled by a qualified flight instructor.”

“The aircraft is equipped with landing gear.

“The landing gear is properly installed.”

“The aircraft is being prepared for take-off.

“The runway is clear of runway landings and is maintained to the highest standards.”

gospelhitzThe runway is maintained to the highest standards.”

“The aircraft is being used according to approved procedures.”

“The airplane has all its required permits.”

“There is no indication of excessive damage.”

“The airplane is being secured against mechanical failure.”

“The airplane is in a safe condition to board.”

“The flight crew of the aircraft have completed their responsibilities.”

“The pilot of the aircraft is competent to perform the assigned duties.”

“There are no active commercial air carriers, air navigation aids or aircraft control stations near the area where the pilot is operating the aircraft.”

“There is no activity at or near the site of the site where the pilot is operating the aircraft.”

FAR OVERVIEW: As you can see, we still have not established a reasonable flight path from these initial data. We have seen the approach paths as well as the locations of the planes. Unfortunately, the weather is not as good, and no aircraft have been observed in this area. At times, there havgospelhitze been a large amount of jet fuel on the aircraft’s fuel tanks. Although the fuel level isn’t high, we have seen a substantial amount of jet fuel during the time we are looking at this area from various angles. Also, there has been an influx of aircraft. Although you may believe that this would be good, we would advise you to stop looking at these data points and go directly to the weather section, or you may find yourself having an emotional reaction to this information.

RESTORATION OF AIRCRAFT IN FRONT OF THE PILOTS: As you can see, this area remains unoccupied and no aircraft have been seen. Therefore, we are unable to say with any degree of confidence that the pilots will be able to conduct the operations that they expect. We would advise you to keep this in mind as you will be dealing with these weather-regospelhitzlated problems when the next flight plan is posted on the flight plan.

CRAFT WRECKING: This is an area where we believe that the aircraft can caus